Of New Music and Healing

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Living in a radically new place, as I have been doing with my family this last year, has invited me to see things very differently.  Many previously automatic decisions have been replaced by new strategies. And so I have also decided to take a fresh look at how my music is being published.

Instead of a whole album, I’m going to come out with music . . . one single at a time! This first single is titled:  HEALING. I am really excited to share it with you on 12 November, 2014!

There were a few songs left in my heart from our Tucson days and somehow they still needed to be shared, even though I am physically far away from that place. This new single is one of those.

So it’s a Tucson sound, sung by an Iranian-Austrian girl, who lives in China, produced by a Canadian guy and accompanied on the guitar by a guitarist from Cuba . . . It’s a small world indeed :)

The melody was inspired by my sweet husband, who himself is a wonderful healer. He is also a dedicated fan of Country/Western music, pleading for years for me to write/sing something in his favorite style, so one day I thought to myself: it would have to be a healing song!

To add to the whole picture, a beautiful artist friend, on her own healing path, gifted me her artwork to be used for the music cover. I feel so blessed to have her beautiful work as part of mine.

As much as the musical style is particular, the content is universal and common to all of humanity. It is about the yearning to heal. It is about the yearning for wholeness and how that wholeness lies in our spiritual essence, our connection to the Divine!

This piece is a dedication to all those who yearn for healing.

Whether dedicated to our whole planet that is struggling on so many levels, or groups of people and individuals, this prayer was sung with the full conviction and passion that healing IS possible.

I dedicate this song to

the healing of all humanity from the illness of greed, violence and love for power;

to all the children in the world whose hearts are broken from the loss of their parents to war, illness and starvation;

to all people with devastating diseases and their families,

to all those who live in states of being, not worthy of human dignity and

to each and every one of you who desires the betterment of the world.


With all my love,



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