Seeking Balance?

Yoga is all about finding balance. Physically we seek balance between effort and rest, between movement and stillness. Emotionally we try to decipher what needs to be eliminated and what requires assimilation. So many facets of life are about balance, because it is balance that brings us health - physically and emotionally. Aadil Palkhivala, a prominent yoga teacher writes: "It is a cosmic principle that we either live in imbalance or act to create balance. Though we may be comfortable in imbalance (which we often perceive as balance), we cannot grow in such a state. It is through shining light on that which we are not—our opposite—that we illuminate the road to progress." In search of this

Let's Stretch Together on Friday

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the Triangle Yoga studio will be closed all day, so unfortunately, I won't be able to guide you in your restorative practice. Come join me Friday morning after the holiday though for a Deep Stretch and some restorative poses to relieve holiday stress: THIS FRIDAY 11am at 903 MLK Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC. In gratitude for your support and sharing your essence with me, I'm sharing with you a wonderful recipe for an Ayurvedic CCF tea that will help digest all the yummy food you will be eating tomorrow: And next Friday, November 30th, I will be starting to teach a new class: Ayurvedic Yoga at 9:15 am, same location as above.

Deep Gratitude & Why A Restorative Yoga Practice This Winter Is So Essential

Dear ones, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I wanted to take this opportunity to confirm the gratitude I feel for you all every day, wherever you are: Thank you for the meaningful life lessons you have taught me, your commitment to grow as a person body, mind and soul and for all the support, the many kindnesses and radiant smiles I have received from you! May this personal growth work allow us to feel empowered that we can change this world into a more compassionate, all inclusive, united home for all its inhabitants! Below you will see a link from Yoga Journal on a short, yet really wonderful article on Restorative Yoga on the importance of recovery time in our busy lives and of the he

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