Ayurveda? What is it? How do you even say that?? And how is it even connected to Yoga??? ... I get asked these questions weekly! And I am grateful for those questions, because then I get to share about one of the oldest medical systems of this world that still trains doctors in India and across the world after 5000 years! This system is called Ayurveda (Ayoor-veda), the science of life. In this healing system Yoga is one of the many healing modalities. So it is no wonder that we feel so uplifted and relaxed in a yoga class. In my private yoga therapy practice I often share valuable nuggets of wisdom from this ancient science with my clients. If you'd like to hear more about this amazing "sci


Dear friends in Yoga, I just returned from my summer travels and look forward to seeing your radiant faces this week and beyond! I also wanted to share with you, that today the world over, we are celebrating Yoga Therapy as an ever-growing healing modality available more and more in medical and alternative settings! But what does Yoga Therapy mean and how is it different to Yoga? What is the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist? You will find some of these questions answered in the following article by leading yoga therapist and educator Gary Kraftsow: I am very happy

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