Ayurveda Workshop

Dear friends, Just a quick reminder of the upcoming Ayurveda workshop this Saturday! What a fabulous way to spend a rainy afternoon :) Learning all about the Doshas, moving your body mindfully and drinking tea in a community of kindhearted people! Here's a link to Triangle Yoga's website if you wanted to sign up and dig a little deeper into the whole picture that is yoga: Please, wear layered clothing for your comfort and bring a notebook and pen, as well as a cup, as I will be sharing a lovely Vata-balancing tea with y'all :) See you tonight (Thursday) at Restorative at 6 pm - the all important relaxation practice or at Friday's 9:15 am Ayurvedic class,

Why is it important to know one's "doshas"?

When I meet a new yoga therapy client, one of the first things I do after listening them to them about why they have come to see me, is to determine their "essential nature", their constitution. Each person's constitution has 3 elements, called the doshas with their very own proportions, called prakriti. As an architect I look at the doshas as the building blocks that are completely unique to that person from the moment of conception and that determine their constitution. It's their very own blue print and no one else has one quite like them. Hence the question is: what are the foundational elements of this person's mind-body system? ​ ​Understanding that question is the way your yoga therap

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