New Summer Online Schedule

Dear students, friends and family, I am writing to express my deep gratitude for your support of my yoga classes and yoga therapy work these last 3 months (13 weeks) as we transitioned online and as we were all learning a new way of living our lives. It was so heartening to see that we could get together from all over the world to support each other. Just your sweet presence, your smiling faces, your kind words and generous donations helped me make that transition and allowed for connection and community. Thank you! I hope this service helped you find much needed movement, as well as peace, rest and rejuvenation! Kindly note that the classes offered via Triangle Yoga still continue as before

Justice Is Healing

I'm feeling so grateful to be living during these earth-shaking times!?!? No, I truly am. Most of this last week I have been heartbroken, as I am sure, many of you have been! I'm also learning a lot, being educated by my brothers and sisters, endeavoring to listen deeply, to meditate, pray and think deeper about what one section of our society has been enduring for centuries. The utter disrespect for human dignity that we witnessed this last week has existed for a very long time and yet suddenly it opened the eyes of whole societies across the world! I am grateful for this: to be living at a time when we are growing closer in the understanding of an irrefutable fact, that we are ONE HUMAN RA

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