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"Nasim's yoga therapy sessions have helped me to realize that breath and meditation have the unbelievable power to reign over the migraine that has tortured me for fifteen years. Most importantly, Nasim opened my eyes and heart to see that disease and stress can be relieved by simply exploring inward, by observing the pain itself and letting it go". JMH

"I entered Yoga Therapy out of curiosity. After practicing Yoga for years, I was interested in having a better understanding of the link between mind, body and spirit. Thanks to some routines, that were created with the help of my yoga therapist, a clear awareness of mind, body and spirit and its connections have emerged. Several relaxation methods helped me and are still of big help in my daily life (when delivering a speech, when facing difficult times...) Nasim as a therapist, and in total objectivity, is a gift in my life. She listens to your needs, is not judgmental, creates space for personal practice, and has a good understanding of her client’s Ayurvedic constitution".ED

"I have been recently introduced to the benefits of yoga therapy. What impressed me the most is the diagnostic process that focuses on my existing issue while allowing me to learn tools and techniques I can use anytime I need. Before practicing, I often had pain in my forehead and behind my eyes, after few weeks of specific meditation, my pain literally dissolved. Working with Nasim Maani has made a great difference for my health: from the moment I stepped into her practice room, she exhibited professionalism and kindness. As a result, I immediately felt safe and able to express myself freely. Her active listening, her ability to respond to her clients needs in a loving yet detached way, makes her work unique. She helped me to find the right tools, empowering me to take my health and self development to a deeper level of understanding. I highly recommend Mrs. Maani, as she masters her knowledge and professionalism with sensitivity and tact, she is teaching me to be my own healer, my best friend". BT



"Nasim is a very talented, loving and professional yoga therapist. She exceeded my expectations from the first session. Nasim helped me to end a 3 year depression cycle by teaching me to breathe, meditate, love myself and communicate better with my loved ones.   I have and continue to recommend her work since it has changed my life. I received the tools to have a more blissful and fulfilling life. Now I can spot low moments and get out of them easier. Thanks to Yoga Therapy, I have helped a lot a people just by telling my story. Therefore, I plan to become a yoga therapist myself to help even more persons and give back what Nasim has done for me". MLB

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