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Welcome to my new website!


Dear yoga and music friends, so grateful to share with you a new look for my website! This whole new look is thanks to my capable and kind-hearted daughter Amelia! She is only 16 and really busy with schoolwork at a new high school and outside of school, she is involved in weekly community building activities and yet she found the time to redesign the existing music website into a space that could showcase my yoga therapy work to a greater degree. I’m very grateful and proud ☺

NORTH CAROLINA As a family we had the great privilege to spend the last 4 years living and working in Beijing, China and it was only this summer that we made the big move to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a completely new town for us. We are so thrilled to breathe fresh air, to be surrounded by nature and welcoming people and yet live in an open-minded university town – a great combination!


I hope that you will browse the space here and keep coming back for inspiration of how to live a balanced and healthy life that integrates mind, body and spirit. My goal is to share either a piece of writing, an inspiring video or a new guided meditation weekly on my Blog. You can also browse my offerings in yoga therapy and see my class schedule, which I am currently in the process of building up. A new feature is that you can sign up for online yoga therapy sessions and classes with me right here. I just ask for your patience and cooperation as we move into this partially new area. Thank you! And at the same time, my music is still available ☺ and two new pieces that were written, recorded and produced in Beijing are about to be published!

Grateful to connect with you again,


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