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Ayurveda Workshop

Dear friends,

Just a quick reminder of the upcoming Ayurveda workshop this Saturday! What a fabulous way to spend a rainy afternoon :) Learning all about the Doshas, moving your body mindfully and drinking tea in a community of kindhearted people!

Here's a link to Triangle Yoga's website if you wanted to sign up and dig a little deeper into the whole picture that is yoga:

Please, wear layered clothing for your comfort and bring a notebook and pen, as well as a cup, as I will be sharing a lovely Vata-balancing tea with y'all :)

See you tonight (Thursday) at Restorative at 6 pm - the all important relaxation practice or at Friday's 9:15 am Ayurvedic class, where we will warm up gently, then move vigorously for 15 minutes and rest deeply... all in 1 hour and 15 minutes - the perfect prep for your weekend adventures!



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